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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website. My name is Jess Wilson. I am here to talk to you about repair and restoration techniques used for commercial buildings. On this site, I will explore the different ways that repair pros restore damaged or worn commercial buildings. I will share information about the tools, materials and techniques used for this process. I hope to explore various ways the repair and restoration methods have changed over the years. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn more about this practice. Thank you for coming to visit my website about the restoration of commercial buildings.



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Battling Hordes Of Spores In High Humidity: 5 Fierce Ways To Fight Mold In Your Home, And Win

Your home is your haven, but it's not a place you can really enjoy if you're concerned about harmful mold growth everywhere. That may be the price of living in a high-humidity climate, but it doesn't have to mean losing the battle against hoards of spores. You can fight mold, and win.

1. Ventilate and Insulate

Ventilation is important to preventing the condensation that creates favorable conditions for mold spores, particularly in your bathroom. Adequate insulation of the home should help keep the inside of it warmer than the outside, along with reducing humidity, both of which will work to prevent mold.

2. Control the Indoor Climate

While there may not be too much you can do against Mother Nature outside, a good air-conditioning system inside should help. A few dehumidifiers strategically placed around the home will also help lower the humidity levels, hopefully thwarting the spores that spawn mold.

3. Thoroughly Disinfect, Often

Cleaning with a disinfectant, especially in lower areas, such as inside cabinets and the bathroom floor, will set the spores back, along with eliminating many of their food sources, like slime and grime. Dust, too, is a favorite breeding ground for mold; thus, it should also be on your cleaning to-do list, every time. Consider professional cleaning services if you have a lot of carpeting in your home, or rent or buy an industrial-strength vacuum, accompanied by an anti-mold cleaning agent.

4. Hire a Professional Mold Inspector

High humidity increases the likelihood of mold in your home, even if you make every effort to prevent it and even if you don't actually see (or smell) any evidence of mold growth; therefore, you'd be wise to invite a professional inspector into your home every so often, to ensure your hard work is thwarting an invasion of mold.

5. Conduct Remediation at the First Sign of Spores

If you or an inspector observe mold, it should be treated at once. In less than a day or so, mold begins to germinate and it's not too long after that a colony is formed. With favorable conditions, mold can reproduce at a rate to rival the German cockroach, and this isn't something you want happening where you live and breathe.

Half the battle against mold growth in your home is knowledge. Know the conditions under which spores flourish, what the tell-tale signs of mold growth are, and most definitely, know the number of a reliable mold remediation service and contact them at the first sight of this dreadful and potentially harmful enemy.

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