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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website. My name is Jess Wilson. I am here to talk to you about repair and restoration techniques used for commercial buildings. On this site, I will explore the different ways that repair pros restore damaged or worn commercial buildings. I will share information about the tools, materials and techniques used for this process. I hope to explore various ways the repair and restoration methods have changed over the years. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn more about this practice. Thank you for coming to visit my website about the restoration of commercial buildings.



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4 Fire Damage Restoration Tips to Rebuild Your Home from the Ashes Better Than Ever

Fires can be a difficult problem to deal with when they strike your home. But building something better from the ashes can help you recover physically and emotionally. Some of the repairs that can include better protection from fire damage will help you sleep better at night, such as using fire-resistant finishes or installing fire suppression systems. The following fire damage restoration tips will help you rebuild your home better after fire strikes: 

1. Install Fire Suppression Systems

The fire the caused damage to your home may have been put out sooner if you had a modern fire suppression system installed. Consider fire sprinklers and other fire suppression systems for areas like kitchens where your home is most vulnerable to fire, which will ensure cooking fires are extinguished quickly and do not spread to other areas of your home. 

2. Redesign the Floorplan with a Modern Design to Stop Fires from Spreading 

The floorplan of your home can affect fighting fires if there is ever another fire. Look at the floorplan and consider improvements that give your home a modern design and prevent fire from spreading. In addition, consider entrances, exits, and routes to escape a fire or other emergencies if needed. 

3. Add Exterior Finishes That Help Protect Your Home from Potential Wildfires 

The exterior finishes of your home are an area where you want to consider using fire-resistant materials if you live in an area with dry summer weather. Avoid finishes like wood and vinyl, which can easily be damaged when fires get too close. Instead, consider more resistant materials, such as metal roofing and masonry exteriors that are more resistant to damage during a fire. 

4. Consider Landscaping Designs That Help Suppress Advancing Wildfires

In addition to the exterior finishes of your home, the use of good landscaping design could help protect against damage due to advancing wildfires. You want to make sure that trees are a safe distance from your home and use features like hardscaping paths, retaining walls and groundcovers to add fire breaks that stop fires from spreading. 

These tips are a good start to help you rebuild your home better when you have had a fire. If you need help restoring your home after a fire, contact a smoke damage restoration service such as Willamette Restoration Services, Inc to ensure the smell of the fire is gone after your home has been repaired.