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Things You Want To Know About Water Damage And Mold Issues

If you get water damage in your home, it can lead to some serious issues that you'll have a hard time correcting and that can cost you a lot of money to take care of. For example, water damage can cause your home to deteriorate. It can also lead to mold development, which will not only spread havoc on your house but will also put toxins into the air that will affect the health of every person or animal in your home. This article will educate you on some of the ways your health can be affected by mold and also give you information on the three main causes of water damage, so you will have more of a chance of avoiding water damage around your home.

Some ways mold in the home can affect your health

When your home has mold from water damage, the spores can get into the air and affect your health in a variety of ways. Some of the first signs you may experience health-wise include the following:

  • A frequent stuffy and/or runny nose
  • A constant cough
  • Itchy and/or watery eyes
  • An itchy throat
  • Dry and/or itchy skin
  • A frequent wheeze
  • A hard time getting a good, deep breath
  • The feeling of a tight chest
  • The need to clear your throat frequently

While these are the early signs of possible mold issues, it is important to note that ignoring the issue and remaining in this unhealthy environment can lead to worse and more serious health problems. This is why it's important for you to recognize mold issues as soon as possible, get yourself and others out of the environment, and have the mold professionally eradicated from your home.

Three of the leading causes of water damage in homes, which can directly lead to dangerous mold issues:

Flat roofs – A flat roof should act no differently than any other roof, but when they start to have issues, they can lead to an increased chance of water damage in your home. The lack of slope in a flat roof means that when it has issues, such as those that lead to leaks, the water from the rain will remain on the surface of the roof instead of draining off. All of that extra water that is on the roof will eventually find its way into your home through that leak. This is why it is even more important for you to be diligent about watching for early signs of roof issues when you have a flat roof.

A broken gutter – If your rain gutter is broken, or even dirty to the point of complete blockage, then rainwater will continuously run down the side of your house. If you live in a place where you get a lot of rain and the weather is often damp, then it won't take long for the water damage to affect the inside of your home and for mold to develop.

Leaking or broken pipes – Leaking or broken pipes are another one of the most common causes of water damage. The longer you have water leaking from a pipe without spotting it and fixing it, the worse your problems can get. So, you should always be watchful of your plumbing, and quickly find out where any problems are stemming from.

For help with water damage restoration, talk to a professional near you today.