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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website. My name is Jess Wilson. I am here to talk to you about repair and restoration techniques used for commercial buildings. On this site, I will explore the different ways that repair pros restore damaged or worn commercial buildings. I will share information about the tools, materials and techniques used for this process. I hope to explore various ways the repair and restoration methods have changed over the years. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn more about this practice. Thank you for coming to visit my website about the restoration of commercial buildings.



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3 Tips To Deal With Foundation Problems In Low-Lying Soft Soil Areas

Problems with the foundation of your home can lead to serious structural damage. When your home is in a low-lying area in soft soils, the problems with the foundation can be worse. Therefore, you want to have repairs and solutions that help protect the structure of your home from serious damage. Here are some tips to help deal with serious structural problems that can damage your home:

1. Post-Tension Systems to Prevent Problems with Uneven Settling

One of the problems with low-lying areas is that they often have deep layers of soft soils and sediments. This can cause a problem when structures are built over these soils. It is important that foundations in these areas are evenly supported to spread structural loads and avoid damage. To do this, post-tensioned concrete systems are often used when new structures are built. For old structures, post-tensioned concrete systems can also be used to help correct settling damage and provide better structural support.

2. Soil Jetting Systems to Prevent Damage Due to Foundation Sinking in Soft Soil

Sometimes, the soil beneath the foundation of your home can be soft and deep. When the depth of the soil makes it difficult to reach bedrock to support a structure, a soil grouting and jetting method can be used to harden the soil and provide a more rigid soil to support the structural loads of the foundation. This is a method that can be used beneath an area where pier jacking is going to be used to provide support to the foundation of your home.

3. Pier-Jacking Solutions to Correct and Repair Settling That Has Caused Structural Damage

Sometimes, improvements to the foundation of your home may be a little late. You may have to repair the damage before doing improvements, such as settling cracks and other structural problems. This is something that you may want to use pier jacking to repair, which can be used to jack up areas of your home's structure that have settled and been seriously damaged. Pier jacking can be used to correct the damage and provide support in areas with isolated structural loads that require more support.

These are some foundation repair tips to avoid problems with homes that are in low-lying areas with soft soils. If you need help with repairs to the foundation of your home, contact a foundation repair contractor for repairs before that cause serious structural damage.