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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website. My name is Jess Wilson. I am here to talk to you about repair and restoration techniques used for commercial buildings. On this site, I will explore the different ways that repair pros restore damaged or worn commercial buildings. I will share information about the tools, materials and techniques used for this process. I hope to explore various ways the repair and restoration methods have changed over the years. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn more about this practice. Thank you for coming to visit my website about the restoration of commercial buildings.



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Use An Old Wooden Shutter To Create A Customized Housewarming Gift For Someone Special

Finding a great gift to give to someone as a housewarming gift can often be difficult to do when you are on a tight budget. If you want to give someone a gift that they can treasure for years to come and that shows them how special they are to you, consider creating a custom gift to give them. A great option to consider making is a custom memo board using an old wooden shutter. The following guide walks you through the process for creating the perfect memo board as a housewarming gift.

Sand Down the Shutter

The first thing you will need to do is sand down the shutter so that you can make its surface as smooth as it can possibly be. Be sure to use a lightweight sandpaper so that you do not cause any damage to the shutter. Use long, even strokes to ensure smoothness when you are done.

Stain the Shutter

Next, you need to stain the shutter. Choose a stain that will make the shutter stand out in a room. You may want to go a bit dark with the stain color so that the detailing of the wood can really shine through. When staining the wooden shutter, be sure to give it ample time to dry before continuing. Overnight or even allowing it to dry 24 hours is best.

Customizing the Shutter

After the stain has dried, use a stencil and paint to paint the last name or initials of the person whom you plan to give the shutter to. This will customize it and allow them to know that it was made just for them. Be sure to choose a font that will be easy to read.

Add Hooks to the Bottom of the Shutter

Add small hooks to the bottom of the shutter for the person to hang their keys from. They will be able to slip paper or mail into the slats of the shutter when they want to keep items close at hand and the key hooks will ensure they never lose their key.

Hang picture mounting brackets to the back of the shutter so that the person who receives it can easily hang it in their home when they get it. It will be small enough that it can fit into many different spaces nicely and the unique look will allow it to pair well with many different styles of décor so that just about anyone will enjoy receiving it.